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The Small Print

The finer details we need you to know

Wheelchair Users

Glosna House IS NOT Wheelchair accessible unfortunately. The building is very old, dating back to 1870. We did look at the possibility of modification for wheelchair access but it proved too costly and not something we could do. Our yard is loose stone also making even the grounds inaccessible.

Eligibility to access treatments

Please tell us at time of booking if there are any medical issues or treatments you are undergoing as it may impact on your eligibility to avail of certain treatments. If you have recently had any surgery you need to mention this to us too. At the beginning of your treatment our therapist go through a consultation form with you and we would not like to have to let you know at this point that we cannot treat you.

Pregnant Clients

We do not treat clients in the first trimester of pregnancy. You must be in your second or third trimester to avail of a limited number of pregnancy safe treatments. To check eligibility and which treatments are available to you during pregnancy please call us.

Why Us?

Our Support Centre is a haven of peace & tranquillity offering our clients a truly welcoming experience.

Our private treatment cottages are nestled in nature, surrounded by trees, flower beds, gardens, plant pots, outdoor seating areas and even a calming stream. The beautiful setting combined with our team of highly qualified therapists is what makes Glosna House the unique centre it has grown to be. We offer an experience, not just an appointment.   

Our hope is that we provide every visitor with a nurturing space in which to grow their potential. With this in mind & honouring the individual, we offer a wide range of therapies, treatments, experiences, workshops, training courses & wonderfully colourful people in the hope our visitors find what feels right for them.