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Couples Therapy

Relationships go through different phases over the course of their existence, with some of these phases bringing more challenges than others. At times relationships can feel fractured and conflicted, with arguments and distance replacing previous feelings of intimacy and support.

Some relationships will weather this storm and return to positive experiences; some will get stuck in this difficult space with the relationship remaining intact but feeling damaged; others will result in the breakdown and dissolution of the relationship.

The causes of relationship difficulties can be wide ranging, with factors that include stress regarding either (or both) partners’ families, work stress, disagreements regarding parenting, one or both partners not feeling valued or appreciated, infidelity, addiction, and mental health difficulties being among the most commonly seen.

The goal of relationship counselling is not to provide a referee or judge in arguments, nor is it to completely focus on doing everything possible to keep relationships together regardless of how much emotional upset that may occur as a result of this. Instead, we focus on assisting each person in the partnership to recognise and work with their own communication style and emotional experience, so that when difficult situations occur within the relationship each person will be equipped to navigate these more effectively.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is for individuals and couples at any stage of the relationship cycle – from being single and finding a partner all the way through the major life events of relationships and/or breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Relationship coaching is emerging as a new alternative to traditional couples’ therapy. Relationship coaching is a goal-oriented approach to solving relationship problems that helps couples identify what is important to them in their relationship, and the weaknesses in their relationship, make goals to improve their relationship, and work to achieve these goals. This technique differs from traditional therapy and offers couples and an action plan for how to achieve their relationship goals. Relationship coaching is based on personal growth models, success coaching, Neurolinguistics programming, and Mindfulness Based CBT. The coaching helps align you and your partner as a team that is working towards a goal together with the help of a trusted coach (Sarah).

Relationship coaching focuses on solutions rather than looking at the psychological root of problems and is not a replacement for psychotherapy.

Therapists Offering Couples Therapy/ Relationship Coaching

Caroline Shore €80

Sarah Donnelly €55

Claire Boland €50

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